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Our Top 4 SEO Strategies For Google Search in 2024


We’ve seen quite the Google algorithm updates over the years but one thing remains constant: Google want to show you the most relevant (or best) answer for your query (most of the time).




Old SEO (before 2024) used to be based on selecting a keyword and creating content around it and over time, Google will respect that content and begin ranking it. Don’t get me wrong, this can still work but will it work in 2024 and beyond? I believe so.


That’s why here at Leadlly Digital, we attend SEO conferences, we partake in regular SEO industry events such as MeetUps, and we catch up for private SEO coffees just to share ideas & inspiration to keep each other ahead of the game.


We’ve seen some real advancements in the way of AI & SEO, particularly when it comes to content and how Google’s algorithms try and keep up with it. That’s why we want to share with you 4 SEO strategies that will be driving success in 2024 and beyond for your business!

Strategic Seo Works 2024

1) Basic SEO Audits Are Finished

First of all, it’s not an SEO who is speaking with you, it’s just a salesperson. They have no idea what effect each “website fix” will do for your site or your business.


Those SEO audits from agencies are usually total bullsh*t.


That’s where our professional (not free) SEO audits come into play. Our website audits show you exactly where your site is at, what’s going on, potential opportunities and what is realistically required to improve your high-intent keywords.


Our comprehensive SEO audits include:


      • Fixed price project (no ongoing cost)
      • Traffic drop analysis (if required)
      • Absolutely honest & impartial
      • 100% tailored to your situation
      • Actionable recommendations

2) Content Needs To Satisfy Every Stage of the Buying Journey

Content pre-2024 involved producing as much content as possible, written by ChatGPT, to show to Google that you have a team of 20 generalists publishing articles and keeping your website fresh.




Google made sure of this with their most recent algorithm updates to Google Search.


We stick to the tried and tested “hub & spoke” content strategy where we want to ensure Google knows that we’re an authority on the topic, product or service but we also want to make sure that our content is of the highest quality and people who visit our website see the value in it.


Content for our clients in 2024 will be structured like this:

      1. Audience has a pain point
      2. Keyword research + trend analysis
      3. Proposed content matches both user intent & buying journey position
      4. Provide clear USP + our solution for pain point
      5. Review content performance


Now, that is an SEO content tactic all given away for free BUT here at Leadlly Digital, we put this into powerdrive and we leverage other pieces of content to improve your visibility online tenfold.


If you’re confident that Leadlly can help build your business, contact us for a FREE strategy session!

3) SEO KPIs Need To Match Your Business Goals

We ensure that our SEO strategy is fixed with your business goals, otherwise – what’s the point, right?


SEO isn’t magic (as much as we would love to say it is) but it can be very misunderstood. We want you to really understand what & how we’re doing things to improve your website – and then relate those SEO KPIs to each business goal you have – so we both win!


How will you get more revenue?
Well ,we’ll have to focus on those key services or products first!


How will you get more leads?
Well, we’ll need to focus on E-E-A-T to ensure Google knows that you’re a business wanting visitors through local SEO!


We also want to begin to reaffirm our goals but showcasing our SEO implementati0ns in monthly reports so you understand that yes, the strategy is working but x & y haven’t worked as well, let’s re-assess and go again.


We need to know what is important to you and your business. We then work backwards from there and assign (or create) SEO metrics that align with your goals. This keeps every one of us accountable for what we’re putting into the long-standing relationship!

4) Shhh, It's A Secret - Contact Leadlly Digital For A Free Strategy Session

We can’t give away everything for free!


Contact us today and we promise you we’ll provide you with #4 of our top SEO tips to perform better in 2024!

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