Leadlly Digital

Introducing The Team Behind Leadlly Digital


We leverage the combination of sleek website design and effective SEO to catapult your business towards sales.

Who is Leadlly Digital?

Leadlly Digital Michelle Alex

Head of SEO

Alex (Head of SEO) has experience in getting small businesses online (and ranking) as well as maintaining enterprise-level eCommerce websites trajectory in Google through SEO.


This vast experience in both digital agency land as well as in-house gives him the skillset to deliver something that other agencies promise but don’t provide – real results!

Head of Strategy & Design

Michelle’s (Head of Design & Strategy) background involves strategy & branding for some of Australia’s leading media brands but more recently she’s been pushing the boundaries in web design, product design & processes.


Her experience in building lead-generating websites, affiliate websites, blog & content websites & eComm stores allows you to get up and running faster than our competition.


For a simple website, our turnaround time is on average 40% less than our competitors!


Together we make a strong partnership that involves experience, skill, transparency but also providing your business with the opportunity to increase that bottom line, something that is often promised but rarely delivered. We’re here to change that.

Why was Leadlly Digital Created?

When Covid-19 changed the world, we were forced to work-from-home. 


This illuminated something we knew, but didn’t really see until we were stuck in the same room together; Alex is an SEO Specialist who helps small-to-medium businesses perform online through SEO and digital marketing, and Michelle helps big business deliver best practice customer experience as a Digital Strategist & website designer.


We realised we are two different sides of the same digital coin!


This all happened with the backdrop of our favourite local ‘go-to’s’ struggling, or closing – and in some cases – never re-opening again.


We observed some businesses step it up online (to our delight), and we decided we want to be part of the comeback – and a boutique Sydney digital agency was born!

What Services Do Leadlly Digital Offer?

The services that Leadlly Digital offers are:


    • Website design
    • Digital strategy
    • Branding
    • SEO
    • Local SEO
    • Lead-gen SEO
    • eCommerce SEO
    • Website migrations
    • Website hosting
    • Paid Search (Google Ads)

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