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Alex Kay

Sydney-based digital marketing expert

10+ years of digital experience to improve your online presence

My journey with SEO was by fluke – which is how a lot of SEOs would describe their introduction into the digital space.


I was recruited by a friend who wanted to create a recurring stream of income for his business after he completed building a website for them. He thought SEO was the answer. I didn’t know what SEO was but I dived head-first and never looked back.


Almost 9 years later, I work for one of the worlds biggest home furnishing brands in optimising their website (30,000 pages and all) to perform better in Google across Australia.


In my early years of digital, I worked with businesses that never had an online presence. What really struck a chord with me was when they’d ask us to build a website for them because “the other company” had ripped them off. I could see the lack of trust in their eyes, so we would often build websites at a much discounted rate, and offer SEO services on the cheap just to make them feel a bit less broken.


After seeing small business after small business come to us from other agencies made me realise that, “you pay cheap, you get cheap”.


A really good SEO understands your business from top to bottom, your strengths, weaknesses and everything inbetween. A sh*tty SEO takes your money, promises the world and doesn’t deliver ACTUAL results. Seeing this over and over again lit a fire inside of me to ensure that my clients are treated with respect & honesty. If SEO isn’t the right strategy for your business (rare but it can happen) then we’ll tell you straight off the bat.


In the last few years I’ve worked in some of Sydney’s largest and some of Sydney’s most boutique digital agencies. I’ve seen first hand, the benefits that SEO gives small businesses right through to how SEO can benefit even the largest brands in the world. Owning a website with sound, established SEO gives you the platform to reach your customers 24/7.


Imagine selling your product while you sleep, isn’t that the dream?!


Some brands I’ve improved online visibility for are:

    • IKEA
    • Gumtree AU
    • Mitsubishi Electric
    • Nuix (ASX-listed company)
    • Brydens Lawyers
    • Satterley Property Developers
    • Jardan Furniture

Our Process

We support you at every step

1. Define

We work with you to define your business goals, understand customers needs, and determine measures of success.

2. Design

Then we design digital solutions to meet your goals. Our packages include a custom website with a focus on best practice SEO.

3. Deliver & Optimise

We launch your website. To enhance the website performance we continue to review, report and optimise based on your package.

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