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Based in Sydney Australia, with over 16 years of combined digital experience

Our Story

Bringing together the power of design and SEO

When Covid-19 changed the world, we were forced to work-from-home.


This illuminated something we knew, but didn’t really see until we were stuck in the same room together; Alex helps small-to-medium businesses perform online through SEO and digital marketing, and Michelle helps big business deliver best practice customer experience through digital strategy & web design.


We realised we are two different sides of the same digital coin!


This all happened with the backdrop of our favourite local ‘go-to’s’ struggling, or closing – and in some cases – never re-opening again.


We observed some businesses step it up online (to our delight), and we decided we want to be part of the comeback! So here we are…


You can read more about why we started a boutique digital agency in this blog article about the founders of Leadlly Digital.

Alex Kay

Digital Marketing & SEO Lead

I’ve worked with one of the biggest companies that sell home furniture, helping them manage an enterprise website with 30,000 pages to make sure it shows up well in Google.


When I first started, I helped companies that didn’t have websites – by building them affordable sites and ensuring that over time, they can reach their customer base via Google, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn & Bing.


Over time, I learned there’s a big difference between cheap digital services that don’t really help and really good SEO services that make a big difference because they understand what a business does well and what it struggles with. This made me want to always treat my clients with a lot of respect and honesty.


I’ve worked in both large and small digital agencies in Sydney, and I’ve seen how data-driven SEO practices can help every type of business, from small shops to huge worldwide brands.


My work has helped make brands like IKEA, Gumtree in Australia, and Mitsubishi Electric more visible online, showing that a well-set-up website can keep selling products all day and night.


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Michelle Tran

Digital Strategy & Design Lead

I began my career at an agency working with some of Australia’s most notable brands: McDonalds, Johnson & Johnson & Fairfax to name a few.


After gaining valuable experience across media & digital strategy, I became the Head of Strategy at Seven.


After over 6 years at Channel 7, I decided to pursue a new challenge. I co-founded a strategy consulting company, called, A.M Society. We used our strategic design process to develop product and platform solutions for clients including: 7Sports, 7Digital, Phoenix Leisure Group, Lendlease, and Verizon. Running my own consultancy was one of the great experiences of my life, not just for the successes, but for the tough lessons learned. My business partner left the business abruptly and I was left with a difficult decision. What do I do next?


I dived into something that was true to my heart – User Experience. I joined Telstra as a UX Specialist, and soon overseeing the Telstra Plus loyalty program and launching it in a E2E UX Lead role a few years later.


My career has taken me many places, companies and experiences. I now work in the public sector for Service NSW as a Principal Designer, overseeing major digital projects and programs roll out.


Wherever I’ve been, I’ve always had the motto: “listen, labour, learn and do that over and over until you get it right”.


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Our Process

We support you at every step

1. Define

We work with you to define your business goals, understand customers needs, and determine measures of success.

2. Design

Then we design digital solutions to meet your goals. Our packages include a custom website with a focus on best practice SEO.

3. Deliver & Optimise

We launch your website. To enhance the website performance we continue to review, report and optimise based on your package.

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